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Seven things every mom needs in the car

Seven things every mom needs in the car

You have made the decision to be that dynamic mom who will drive and go everywhere with her baby, from baby swimmin to school. 

From baby wipes to umbrellas, here are some things you should always have in the car if you are a mom. 

Baby wipes:

Wet wipes for babies can clean any damage, from the cookie that stuck to the little one's hands, to his fingers after trying to urinate on the potty. And because wipes are specially designed for babies, they do not damage the baby's skin and if he happens to chew them, nothing will happen. Suppose that in an emergency of yours, they can perfectly remove the makeup that went wrong.


If you have a baby or toddler, an extra economical diaper pack is Must for the car, especially when traveling to places where the nearest market is miles away or in case you, the mom who remembers everything, forget to take diapers with you.

Antimicrobial wipes or liquid antimicrobial.

It is not only covid19 that scares us. After wiping your little one in the toilet, you will need to disinfect both your own hands and the special wipes are the must item that you must have in the car, since the simple baby wipe does not offer you disinfection.


In addition to wet wipes, a pack of tissues that will soothe a running nose or a plain toilet paper in the car will save you. Because there will be a need to wipe the child in places where you will not find this precious toilet paper.

Bottle of water

A bottle of water will quench your thirst, can clean the slightest wound and can even be used in making milk. Just make sure the water is well kept in a shady spot in the car.

Hat for child or umbrella

The sun can irritate the sensitive eyes of children and if you have to travel at a time when it is at its full peak, make sure to equip yourself with a car sunshade that does not need to be beautiful but useful and has no animation but dark color to acts right. Alternatively, have a hat for the child in the car, so you never forget it, or an umbrella for the sun or the rain. 

An extra change of clothes for the child

An accident with the glass of water or with the food can make the child's clothes suck and the rest of his belongings are packed in a place that is difficult to take out.

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